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Creatives in The Wild - "Community Gardening"

This is the first of what I hope to be many "Creatives in The Wild" posts on this site, highlighting a different person exercising their God-given creativity in traditional, unorthodox, or completely spontaneous ways.

This is a picture of a tall middle aged man painting on an easel.  He is wearing a plaid flannel shirt and a puffer vest.  He holds one leg of the easel with his left hand as he paints with his right.

Our part in the “human project” is to cultivate the earth that God has placed us in. It started in a garden, but now our “gardens” are our neighborhoods, our workplaces, our businesses, our families.

This is my big brother, Chad. He recently moved cross country and landed on a noisy street in an urban area. A while back he decided to try and slow traffic down in front of his house by simply taking

his painting outside. It worked. Cars slowed down. Neighbors introduced themselves. A reporter for the local paper even stopped and talked with him about what he was doing! I love it. I love how beauty wins. I love how it gathers a crowd. We were made for this.

How are you cultivating your modern-day garden? I’d love to hear about it!


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